Position: Amy & Eric became the owners of  Duck Worth Wearing in 2006. Three years later they opened the sister store, The Loft in 2009.

Past: Amy and Eric grew up just miles apart with Amy’s stomping grounds in Radcliffe, Iowa and Eric a short distance from there in Story City. As Iowa natives, purchasing the store in Ames seemed the perfect fit for giving back to the community in which they grew up.

Present: Eric currently keeps busy working full time at the Iowa DOT as a Geospatial Infrastructure Manager. In addition to his full-time employment  Eric helps out at the stores by managing the finances, marketing, and maintaining the website.  This compliment’s Amy’s skill set perfectly as she’s not to fond of numbers!

Amy’s schedule is packed with working full-time between both Duck Worth Wearing and The Loft. She is a jack of all trades and undoubtedly the glue that holds the stores together.

When Eric & Amy finish their work for they day they enjoy returning home to spend time with their two kids. Colby is currently a senior at Iowa State University. Mackenzie, their second child is a freshman at DMACC.  Also waiting eagerly to greet them when they come home are their two dogs. Cooper and Milo who can be caught from time to time wandering the Duck Worth Wearing Location.

Future: Amy & Eric have a real passion for serving the families of Ames and look forward to a continued relationship over the coming years!